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Chad Holder

JDC Owner/Director/Estimator/Manager (May 1999-present).  25 years in the construction industry, AA Inst. Technology, BS Computer Science

Josh Bush

Superintendent. 12 years field experience MCC and Substation installations, High Voltage line ups, and I/O control room installations. Extensive background in pipeline, compressor and metering stations. Fiber optics certified through corning. NCCER certified and licensed.

Curtis Trichell

Fabrication Superintendent. 10 years experience in welding, fabrication, and manufacturing of drilling rigs, pipelines and heavy industrial equipment. ASME Certified in carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Wally Collins

Technical Sales / Supervisor. 42 years experience in Instrumentation, Analyzer, and Electrical. Specializes in Pipeline system design.

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