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           JDC was founded in 2004 with one principle in mind, to work with it's customers to recognize and implement the best ideas concerning the clients process control needs.


           Throughout the owner's 30 years experience in the industry, our emphasis has been, and continues to be, on providing outstanding quality work by bringing our expertise and professional knowledge to our clients. In doing so, we have forged close customer relationships by earning their trust for our commitment toward them and our dedication to keeping current with today's rapidly changing Control System technologies.


           As your needs present themselves from system design and integration to having your project instrumentation installed, calibrated, and started up, our personnel will be there to ensure you that all the components are functioning as specified.


Once your project is up and on-line, the demand on your process instrumentation systems doesn't end there!! The need for technical support to maintain these systems should be of the utmost importance to you. If you require Preventative Maintenance or routine calibration work all the way to requesting us for a full time,  on site commitment , JDC is the reliable and quality organization that will meet your expectations and prove it's worth to you.


At JDC, we want you to be prepared for tomorrow… today. By assisting you on your current issues and projects, we can provide the foundation of your future success by keeping yourself ahead of the competition. As an independent company, we know our success depends totally on how we serve you and your interests. By developing a strong partnership with you, you can be certain that we'll BOTH be able to meet your expectations - and more!

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