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Process Analyzers are only as accurate and reliable as the sample that is transported to them from the process.  The Sample Conditioning System (SCS) and the sample transport system must work together to provide a “REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLE” from the process to the analyzer.  For this reason the turnkey analytical services provided by Alberta Analytical are a very important component in a successful installation. 

To accomplish this goal of providing a representative sample from the process to the Process analyzer it’s necessary to maintain a single phase sample from the process to the sample loop on the Gas Chromatograph. 

If the sample drops into 2-phase at any point it’s likely that it no longer represents the process conditions and measurement integrity will be compromised.   Single-phase sample transport is easy on Natural Gas streams but it’s increasingly difficult as measurement requirements for Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) or an Ethane Propane (E/P Mix) are more likely to condense into 2-phase sample at some point.

When multi-stream compositional analysis is required the overall cost can be reduced but the importance of  clean stream-to-stream purging is increased.  When diverse stream compositions are part of a multi-stream process GC sample system a small amount of cross-stream contamination can bias results a great deal.

Process Chromatography for NGL Fractionation Plants requires a turn key approach on system design that takes into account the application data, the Sample Conditioning System (SCS) and the sample transport system to ensure a successful installation.

Specialized turn-key services from JDC will include an initial site evaluation and project management. The final phase is start up/commissioning with training to ensure all components are working together to produce reliable results for many years.

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