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JDC offers complete and comprehensive fire protection, fire equipment, and life safety equipment in all areas: industrial, commercial, marine and residential. 


Our GOAL is to make sure you are fully protected in all aspects of the fire protection industry by offering maintenance, installation, service, inspection, preventative maintenance, sales, and leasing of fire equipment. 


JDC also offers training classes, emergency exit drills, and fire drill plans for proper training on each and every fire protection device available.


In addition to the services listed above, we offer the following:

  • Fire alarms

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Fire Sprinkler systems (wet, dry, deluge)

  • Fire Suppression systems (wet, dry, clean)

  •  Clean agent systems (fm200, Halon)

  • Mass EVACUATION systems

  • Gas detection systems

  • UVIR detecting systems

  • Dry chemical paint booth suppression

  • Dry chemical powder coating booths

  • KITCHEN suppression

  • Special hazard systems

  • Marine engine compartment systems

  • Portable Wheeled fire extinguishers

  • Vehicle systems

  • Exit emergency lighting

  • Fire doors

  • elevator recalls

  • Duct detection

  • Damper control

  • Exhaust hood cleaning

  • Foam systems

  • Control room PROTECTION

  • It/server room PROTECTION

  • Vault protection

  • Fire equipment training

  • Fire drill/emergency EVACUATION plans

  • PRE action systems

  • Automatic fire protection (no personnel required) Fire watch Hole watch

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