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Texas JDC Diving offers a full range of services such as marine consultation, inspection, maintenance, repairs, construction, engineering, fabrication and salvage. It also provides support of its commercial diving and marine crews and the availability of small rescue and wellcraft boats and equipment for inland work. During many of these operations, JDC can perform all of its maintenance and repair assignments with little interruption to its customers’ work schedules.


Our clients cover an equally diverse field ranging from oil & gas industry refineries, utility companies, power plants, paper mills and chemical plants to shipyards, passenger and cruise ships, barge and construction companies, engineering, consulting and marine architecture firms. A general breakdown of JDC dive services consists of intake systems/outfall structures, pipelines, water purification systems, process water systems and miscellaneous.

Intake/Outfall Structures:

  • Complete inspections of client intake structures: ultrasonic testing, radiography and video photography

  • Removal of mud and debris

  • Complete repair services, including re-coating

  • Traveling screen fabrication, installation and repair

  • Stop-log and de-watering support


  • Internal manned and unmanned penetrations to 5,000 feet

  • Complete underwater inspections including ultrasonic testing, radiography and video photography

  • Complete reporting of joint conditions

  • Design and installation of internal piping and chemical feed systems

Water Purification Systems:

  • Removal of material build-up from clarifying units and filter media units

  • Complete repair and replacement of all underwater concrete and steel structural component

Process Water Systems:

  • Diving operations in hazardous waste, contaminated water and chemical solutions

  • Diving operations for hot water environments such as aeration ponds, cooling towers and process water holding tanks

  • Working in potable water tanks and adhering to AWWA guidelines

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