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JDC analytical division would like to be the answer to all of your analyzer needs. With over twenty years of advance process controls knowledge, we are ready to come in and help solve any issue that your facility might be facing.

We specialize in gas chromatography and have worked all across the United States and US Virgin Islands starting up, repairing, and maintaining analyzers. We can come in and assist with CEMS issues ranging from H2S, SO2, NOx, O2, & CO.

We will handle the issue and train your employees, all at the same time.

There are so many analyzers made to cover CEMS, you cannot specialize in all of them but the theory of how each work can be mastered and we have accomplished just that.

Gas Chromatography is not easily mastered but after seeing so many different plants and situations along with rebuilds and startups, we have seen most problems that can go wrong in a gas chromatograph.

We specialize in Advance Optichrom and Maxum II but are also very familiar with ABB, Yokogawa,and Daniels.

We offer complete hands on training for every skill level and tailor make the course to fit your facility. There is no reason for your technicians to learn about an FID or and FPD if the only detectors you have are TCD.

Sample systems are 80% of the problem with most analyzer situations and we can come in and revamp your sample system to reduce lag time and insure that the analyzer is receiving a representative sample.

We will train your employees on the key elements of sample conditioning and will leave you with a fast clean sample that your system will handle for years to come and reduce your employee’s field time.

We welcome any opportunity to bring in young trained starter analyzer technicians with massive drive and dedication to expanding their knowledge and benefitting your company greatly.

If there is ever an issue they cannot resolve, then a senior technician is a phone call away and will be there within an hour.

Please ask for our rate sheet and you will be pleased with our extremely competitive rates. We know that once given an opportunity that we will be a partner for life in your facility with everyone benefitting.



We prefer to manage all aspects of the analytical scope-of-supply and take responsibility for final performance.  By managing projects from initial system design specifications to final start up & commissioning we can ensure that all components of the analytical system are well designed from the sample point to the DCS communications and screen development (supplied by others).  A typical project will be delivered with documentation binders complete with drawings, manuals and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) prior to shipment. Final onsite start up commissioning and training will be provided to ensure system specifications are met and instrument personnel are trained.  Start up & Commissioning and training will be included as the final step critical to the success of most process analyzer installations.   Ongoing support is available on a contract basis.


We offer start up and commissioning on new systems OR field service and support of older systems. Routine sample system maintenance should be provided by onsite instrument/measurement technicians or local contractors. Frequently these technicians are time-constrained without the specialized skill sets required for Process Analyzers. As a result their “shot gun” approach to troubleshooting can result in frustration and reduced Process Analyzer performance. We can arrive at site to work with technicians providing technical support as follows:

  • Supervise all Instrument & Electrical Work on new installations

  • Train technicians in all aspects of Process Analyzer performance from sample system design, sample transport considerations and operations including software for diagnostics & troubleshooting.

  • Review of sample point location, sample systems and sample transport.  These are critical components that determine process analyzer performance.

With a complete understanding of the process itself AND the Process Analyzer/sample conditioning technicians can feel more confident. With confidence comes increased accuracy and reliability from the Process Analyzers.


As an independent third party we arrive onsite with certified calibration standards for independent validation of analyzer measurements. We can offer an independent review of sample systems, installation and operational practices pointing out areas where corrective action is required in order to improve accuracy.  By working for smaller producers we can ensure they are getting full value for their production when relying on analysis data provided by others.  Small errors can add up to big dollars in a short amount of time when analytical data is not accurate.  We can review calibration reports and point out discrepancies in GC analysis/calibrations or just sampling errors when manual sampling is used with sample transport to offsite Labs.

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