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Defining “SWEET-SPOT” Applications and conventional applications for various analytical technologies.

Gas Chromatography Applications Development-  Site review and application specifications.  Actual Lab time involves micro-packed column, Thermal Conductivity Detectors and GC valve Technology for light hydrocarbon analysis to C6+ based on the component measurements required.  Typical Natural Gas applications include C6+ analysis for BTU analysis or C5+ NGL analysis.  Other applications include Liquid Sample Analysis for E/P MIX, Y Grade C3, and Condensate Analysis to C5+, C6+, or C7+


Process analyzers are generally more complex than other types of process instrumentation.  When Process Analyzer projects proceed without sufficient project management sample transport/conditioning system design may be overlooked with negative performance results.  We offer turn-key project management services to ensure these critical sample transport/conditioning components are designed, installed and commissioned properly to support the Process Analyzer design.  Our system wide approach includes an understanding of the process and process control requirements.  We take responsibility from the sample probe to the DCS interface with field proven diagnostics and measurement data integrated into DCS screens (see the news section on featured projects for more info).



We have a proven process that starts with Application Data to define component measurement and all the factors that go into a successful Process Analyzer installation.  One of the most important components in a Process Analyzer installation is the  Sample Conditioning System. We design sample systems integrated with application development to ensure accuracy/repeatability AND reliability from all our Process Analyzer systems .

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